Thorntons Chocolates

The project constitutes five call centre pods, designed by Concept 4 to Thornton facility manager Dan Crow's brief and made by VERCO.

Each hexagon-shaped pod accommodates six users and is colour-coded to specific regions of Thorntons' retail business, whether by region or sector. Screens are fitted between fascia panels and cable management channeled through each pod's core and distributed to user worktops. CPUs are housed in specially vented cupboards under desktops. Pod core tops can be removed for easy access to cabling.

Complementary seating has been sourced from VERCO's new Mesh range of high-back task chairs, at the heart of which a synchronised mechanism provides the correct dynamic posture support required in the bustling environment of the call centre. "The furniture is highly supportive both aesthetically and functionally and complements its environment well." says Dan Crow.